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April 30, 2020

And naturally when being in quarantine you play with yourself sometimes. So after the collaborations it was time for a brandnew Butsenzeller solo track with video ! Strange Dayz is dedicated to healthcare workers and missed loved ones and became a postpunk thingy. Also newly added to the Covid Collabs is a track in collaboration with Belpop legend Kloot Perwez....check it out and preferable purchase it !


April 17, 2020

Hersencellen naturally couldn't be missed on the Covid Collabs. Gert Vanlerberghe provided the vocals to an unfinished track from a safe distance using his telephone. Gert-Jan already dropped his guitarparts a while ago, Butsenzeller did the rest and made the video...hope you enjoy !


April 12, 2020

Butsenzeller's Covid Collab #13 !  Andy Heurckmans (Balderdash, Massis, Generator,..): guitar, recordings, camera

Butsenzeller: drums, percussion, bass, synths, recordings, mixing and video editing

Check Andy's band Generator on https://generatortheband.bandcamp.com/  















April 10, 2020

On a Covid Collab roll here, track 12 is a joint venture with the modular sounds of Onsturicheit, and he even made a fishy psychedelic biking video. Download and support on Bandcamp, cheers ! 


April 06, 2020

More Butsenzeller & Zool in lockdown !

Butsenzeller's Covid Collab #10

Zool.'s Track Of The Year #100

Enjoy !



April 02, 2020

Newest Covid Collab is with ZOOL compadre Gerry Vergult....Butsenzeller recorded and played drums for his track White Sheets..also a part of ZOOL's Tracks Of The Year, with everyday of 2020 a fresh track...check it out HERE !! 

March 31, 2020

Even more collaborations in lockdown....with guitarist Steve Ceulemans as B&C and with guitardrone master Ashtoreth....check out the video's and stream/download on Bandcamp , cheers x


March 27, 2020

Yep, the longer this little stupid virus keeps us in hour houses, the more we will create from our home and hoping for some support with the purchase of those creations, to compensate the loss of income due to all the cancelled gigs. After the solo lockdownsessions we put on facebook, we decided to make a sort of virtual Gitaneller Nights and collaborate and improvise trough internet filesharing. 


The first results are already bundled on Butsenzeller's Bandcamp page, as Gitaneller: The Covid Collabs and even more are in the making as we speak. Also some of them even got a video version. All released on the brandnew Belgium Music Addicts YouTube channel, all about Belgian music and helping out each other instead of dabble on our own  digital islands. SO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE !!  And enjoy this brandnew jazz collaboration between Butsenzeller, Gert Wyninckx and Bert Bernaerts !


March 19, 2020

Lockdown fun:  What to do as an artist/performer when all your planned gigs have been cancelled ? Stay home and create !

That's why we've released some lockdown videoclips of new and older tracks. At first there is Hot Wine Trio who had a Gitaneller gig scheduled on 19 march...so we made a video for music recorded live and without rehearsals in the pre lockdown situation. 






Secondly we've made a video for the Staatseinde remix Butsenzeller made a while ago 


January 01, 2020

Legendary English punkband Crass made the seperate multitracks of their legendary album 'The feeding of the 5000' available for downloads and remixes. Since Crass was a real mind opener for Butsenzeller, he considered this an opportunity after 35 years. 

So he started off with remixing the song 'So What' in the vein of the original track and added some extra's.


But at this time also Scoundrels (Dutch punkband Boots played in from about 1985 till 1990) are more or less rehearsing, recording and fooling around again...and there was this improvised instrumental track ....recorded by Scoundrels pal Patrick Delabie which Butsenzeller edited and mash up with the Crass vocals of their song 'Punk Is Dead'. 


Then the idea came of using the Butsenzeller remix of his own track 'Voteshutupworkconsume' and blend that with Crass their classic 'Do They Owe Us A Living'. Which was mentioned already on the Crasswords facebook page with this great comment: "Wow, over forty years and it's come to this. Butsenzeller RFX gives new, radical clout to 'Owe Us A Living' and yes, of course they fucking can; nice one." (Crass)  


Since a few days those remixes are available for streaming at the Crass Soundcloudpage....so the circle equally to the Crass logo is more or less round. Proud to be a part of this reworks of punk history ! 

So What (Butsenzeller Remix) HERE

Do They Owe Us A Living (Butsenzeller Rfx) HERE

Punk Is Dead (Ignorant Scoundrels remix) HERE 

January 29, 2020

Stovepipe update: 

read an interview (in Dutch) with Butsenzeller on Luminous Dash about Stovepipe HERE   Luminous Dash full ep review  HERE  

listen to a podcast by Holy Crap Records (US) with Stovepipe's "My Favorite Pair Of Pajamas" which they find great and groovy..HERE

January 19, 2020

Out today !! Stovepipe Born To Jive / Never Surrender 7inch !! comes with downloadcard for digital version + 3 bonustracks !

Order vinyl HERE 

listen/stream/download HERE

January 09, 2020






January 05, 2020

Today Luminous Dash launches the brandnew Stovepipe single/video Born To Jive ! 


December 24, 2019

End of the year, so time to thank everyone that supported my musical escapades the past year, everyone that booked me or one of my projects, promoted it or gave it some attention...you know who you are ! Hersencellen made it to some lists apparently , like Luminous Dash top 10 Belgian singles and even as a live act in Kinky Star's top 10many thanks !  At my end here's my end of the year present, a dj mix filled with dark beauty as antidote for all the jingle bells and white christmasses, hope you enjoy. 


2020 will start with the Stovepipe 7inch release, on january 20. Stay tuned for the Born To Jive video, purchase and downloadlinks and check the gigpage regularly for Stovepipe gigs in your area ! 

December 05, 2019

LP Boayy is the new alter ego of Alec Lamberts. Butsenzeller and Alec already collaborated in some poetry en sound experiments, but now for the first time in a real song and single, enjoy Herzendoed (dialect for braindead) 







August 11, 2019

Stovepipe, the groovy soulful rock'n'roll ghoulies consisting out of Roeland Verhaegen on vocals, Jan peeters on guitar, René Hermkens on Hammond and Butsenzeller on drums and backing vocals, recorded 4 tracks for an upcoming 7 inch release, soon to be released by Jezus Factory Records; two own songs 'Never Surrender' and Born To Jive' and two covers. The covers will be available as extra download with the vinyl + a Butsenzeller remix of Born To Jive.

Unorthodox as we are, we release the remix first exclusively on Soundcloud ! 'Born To Love', with the Afro style approach it differs completely from the original track, but surely suits the summer vibe, enjoy !!

August 01, 2019

Because of the fact that Antwerp is nowadays mostly known for it's incompetent, fucked up little shit of a mayor instead of our lively, versatile and quality music scene, like it used to be. Butsenzeller decided on a blue rainy Monday, to start spinning some Antwerp tunes at home and record it. 4 hours and 15 minutes later he had a result that was called Mixed Up Antwerp and posted it on Mixcloud. To his own surprise it became the best listened set he ever posted.


Because of the fact that a lot of great more recent stuff was still left out, he decided to make another episode Mixed Up Antwerp Too, another 2 hours and a half great Antwerp stuff, without walking the beaten obvious path. Listen, probably discover a whole lot, spread the word and share. But above all ENJOY !!


It on:  mixcloud.com/butsenzeller/

June 18, 2019

Like we told in our previous news update, there was a serious possibility we would create a clip for the last and lonely track of the Butsenzeller / Hersencellen split cassette that was left alone without a video. So we took a camera to our show in 't Hof in Middelburg (NL) and fired away before, during and after the gig. The result is a brandnew video for "Broos" and the final one of the 7 tracks featured on the release. So all the video's can be found in one handy playlist, in the same running order. So shut off your TV and tune in for a Youtube show with Hersencellen and Butsenzeller ......HERE !!

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