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               *Decks & drums & rock'n'roll*

  - Musician Producer Deejay Performer Improviser Collaborator -

                  Solo and in various bands 


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 March 8   2024:   Scoundrels back from 3 months hibernation with new single/clip and upcoming shows. Taken from the 7inch vinyl ep "Geld Is Hun God". For the time being only available at live shows or through mailorder of the deluxe edition of the double LP Afraid To Move. 

 February 3   2024:  New Release !! FORD'S FUZZ INFERNO the new combo of Dutch legends Hans Von Seydlitz and Patrick Delabie with Butsenzeller on drums during live shows, now recorded a part of that live show in Pat's Studio 195. Available on CD and/or digital download on bandcamp at a ridiculous friendly price !! No Spotify,  Check it out HERE !!

And already great rave reviews on Words Thoughts Action, Rockportaal, Luminous Dash, Da Music and Snoozecontrol 

Fuzz cd.jpg

 December 24  2023:  VOTED BEST KINKY STAR GIG this year. Yes the Butsenzeller/Zool. concert on januari 19 at Kinky Star in Ghent ended on #1 in their own revisited list, many thanks ! That full live show is still digitally available as free extra with the purchase of the "Humanity/Empathy" album ! 


Also lots of love and thanks to anyone who attented/booked one of the 45 shows i seemed to have played, bought/sold/spinned/streamed an album, danced to a song or dj-set or supported me in one way or another. Hopefully lots more to come in 2024.  

BIT wrap.jpg

 December 21   2023: that time of the year again, to round it up: lots of horror, personal losses and war but luckily there was music and musicians. Check the yearly best of list for Luminous Dash ! And listen to the traditional Mixed Up 2023 set below and hopefully discover new great stuff. Nice holidays and best wishes for 2024, cheers. 

 December 1  2023  : NATT ALBUM 15 YEARS OLD !!  And that asks for a special treat. From December 1 till 15 you pay  15€ POSTAGE INCLUDED !! (only within Belgium) for the vinyl version (with free download) Download only for FREE or free contribution !! GO HERE TO ENJOY THIS SPECIAL OFFER !! 

natt cover.jpg

 October 14   2023  Happy Anniversary "Humanity/Empathy"

Yes indeed, the precious child of Butsenzeller & Zool turns 1 year old today. Reasons enough to still grab your copy and/or digital download (if you haven't already) on Bandcamp !! Comes with digital bonustracks: A full live set and two remixes from albumtracks. More stream/watch and purchase links HERE ! 

 September 22   2023   More Scoundrels news, A retrospective double vinyl release OUT NOW ! Deluxe edition will also contain a 7inch ep with 4 Brandnew recorded tracks. Order now through Gram Vinyl !!

A digital selection on Bandcamp and all streamers too. New single/clip "All Your Dreams And All Your Cares" from the new 7inch ep coming up soon, Stay Tuned here or on 

 May 27  2023  OUT NOW ! Brandnew Scoundrels single/video as appearing on the "Compulsive Agitation" 7 inch vinyl ep including 5 bands !  stream/order HERE ! 

On tour in Netherlands and UK in September and October with Ford's Fuzz Inferno, Butsenzeller will play the drums for this outfit too ! 

compulsive 7inch_edited.jpg

 May 22  2023  Amazing rave review on the Butsenzeller/Zool. live gig @ Minigolf Beatrijs by Bart Verlent of Luminius Dash with great shots by Erik Janssens, click picture to read and BOOK US NOW !


 May 15  2023   Out now ! New single Hartvuur by Het Kruim (the newest more lightsided and funky collab between Gerry Vergult & Butsenzeller). Almost a year after the previous single Hittegolf. Also on Bandcamp , Spotify and every other streamer ! 

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